Participant reviews

The best way to find out about the course is to read reviews from past participants. It helps me to further improve the course so participants can get even more from it.


Here is a sample of feedback given at the end of the course:


“Well what an amazing day. Never would I have thought I’d be able to stand and speak from the heart, to an audience and feel nothing but confident, calm, happy and passionate. Even happily maintaining eye contact and engaging the audience with what I had to say. Just wow!!” NG – Southampton


“The day was amazing! Thanks everyone too – you were all amazing!” GG – Southampton


“I really enjoyed the workshop and got so much out of it and will recommend it to others” – C Portsmouth


“I have been blown away by it. It has brought lots of things for me to think about and work on. Completely recommend the day.” DC – Southampton


I would say this can help every-one regardless of needing to speak in public and where it is a small group and we all feel the same, makes the day so enjoyable.” JW – Southampton


“I feel an inner confidence and strength” – CM Cardiff


“I am really excited to get on with my life” – CA Southampton


“I feel much more confident in speaking and know this will benefit me in many areas of my life” – NB Southampton


“It is really surprising in the difference in the way we all openly talked by the end of the day” – BW Eastleigh


“I have faced up to my fear of speaking in public, I now feel more confident. Thanks Colin” – SH Gosport


“Today’s honesty has been very moving. I believe I have gained strength from the eye contact system and the grounding experience before speaking” – Gill Southampton


“The course today was a real eye opener. Very emotional. I have leant some very useful, simple techniques which I can take away with me and put into use. Enjoyed it!” – Wendy Southampton


“I very much enjoyed my day. I felt as a group who didn’t know each other it worked very well. Thank you Colin for  great day” – CC – Fawley


“A great group which really helps as you get support and inspiration form the other delegates. You realise its not just you who feels that way!” – AF Fair Oak