Resolving Your Fear

It is said that we are all born with two natural fears, one is fear of falling and the other fear is of loud noises. Speaking in public is the number one social fear. Various studies have shown that up to 80% of the population would do anything to avoid standing in front of people to speak because of lack of confidence and feeling uneasy.


It could be at job interviews, presentations to customers and colleagues, public speaking to large groups of people or even fear of speaking out to your boss or co-workers. Fear of speaking can have a dramatic limiting affect on peoples’ whole careers and their social life. Many people will even choose careers based around avoiding speaking publically.


We all feel comfortable talking to one or a few people that we know. But for most people, talking to several people or maybe needing to undertake presentations to groups of people, may be a scary experience. Standing in front of a sea of expressionless faces in the audience waiting for you to talk, can really test our self-confidence.


For many people who deliver presentations regularly, they can still feel very nervous being in front of new people. This can lower the audiences’ confidence and interest in what the speaker is saying. The presentation can be disappointing for both the audience and the speaker.


How often have you been in an audience yourself to feel this disconnection with a poor speaker? It can be a very common experience.


So for many people, nervousness and fear are the two main feelings that we experience when we need to talk to people.


What if you are new to presentations and are feeling apprehensive about it?


Imagine standing there waiting to talk … our mouths go dry, we become very self-conscious, we lose our confidence. We can feel the panic rising in our stomach, we hear our voice fade as we try to remember what we are going to say.


What are these fears based on? What are the fears that we experience? Why do I feel like this? Sometimes I am ok and sometimes I really struggle.


One is the fear of being listened to. What do they think of me? Are they interested in what I am saying? The second fear is of being judged by the audience. Do I know enough to talk about it? Do I need to entertain them?


Does this all seem too familiar to you?


No wonder people feel fearful with all these thoughts going on. This is because we put focus on the wrong things. If you could speak with confidence and presence to any group of people, how much would that change your career and whole life?


Many people just put up with the fear and they just carry on experiencing it again and again. Or you can choose to change it. It takes great courage to decide to do something about it.


So what can you do about it to help you overcome the fears? If you experience any of this then my course is perfect for you.


What is so different about my course compared with others?


I help you understand what is going on to help you change your perspective completely on your internal feelings. There are no gimmicks or tricks to learn. By using a supportive environment to learn in and to safely explore to be more yourself, your talk will become more like a conversation to one person. I will also help you learn to connect to each member of your audience so that they trust your authenticity. When you are able to do this then your talks will become more meaningful and you will have much more impact.


So take your first step from finally letting go of feeling fearful to become an interesting speaker now. Simply enrol on a course today. You and I will work together, as best as I can, to help you become a more credible and passionate speaker in front of any type of audience.