Course options

There are two courses to choose from. Both courses cover the same information in a very careful and sensitive way. No previous experience is necessary to attend either course so it really depends on what you want to get out of it. If you do have experience then you will have a good understanding of the challenges we will be working on. If you are unsure which you would suit you best, then please call me and we can discuss the options.


I also offer a single subsidised place per course for people on income support/unemployed to help kickstart opportunities in a new career or return to work. Please call me to discuss your situation.


The one day course is primarily an introduction course with a small amount of practical to get an understanding of the fundamentals. By the end of the day, you will be able to speak with confidence and ease. This course is perfect for job interviews, wedding speeches, face to face customer services, speaking in meetings, improving communications with work colleages and in any social situation.


The two day course is the foundation course for speaking with ease. It covers all aspects of training and allows each participant, the time to fully engage and practice their new skills. At the end of the two days, you will have mastered a high level of inner confidence, speak easily without any fear and can connect fully with their audience.


There is also a Refresher Day course that enables you to continue to practice your new skills within a safe and relaxed environment. You will also have the benefit of the supportive group to help you improve.


On both courses, I like to keep the group numbers small (up to 10) so that each participant has sufficient time and support to fully participate and to get the very best out of the training. Everyone will understandably be a little nervous to begin with and that is natural. So I take things very slowly and sensitively. Each person will progress at a pace that suits them. I also work with each person individually to fine tune their techniques.


The course progresses in gentle, easy steps to build up a close supportive group. As a group we explore what exactly gets in our own way and holds us back from being at ease in front of a group of strangers as opposed to talking to people that we know.


The course objectives that we cover are:


  • To learn how to be completely at ease and totally relaxed with being in front of people.

  • To learn how to create rapport and connect to every member of your audience.

  • To learn how to leave your notes behind and speak spontaneously from your heart on any subject.

  • To learn that being yourself is actually ok!

  • To find an untapped level of natural confidence within yourself.

  • To learn how to speak with clarity.

  • To provide you with an opportunity to realise your true communicative potential.




I use a methodical learning process to help participants to talk freely, create rapport and discover how to be natural speakers. A range of tools will be given to enable you to speak confidently to any group of people for the rest of your life.



This helps you to simply be yourself, to find your voice without the fear and express yourself at ease. Once your confidence begins to grow, we work on connecting to each person in the audience.


You will soon learn to speak from your heart and be able to tap into an unconscious level of information about whatever you are talking about. In a short space of time, it will be easy to talk freely on a range of topics without any need for pre-planned speeches or prepared notes.


These techniques have helped to unlock many people’s inner confidence that has been locked away within them. This confidence will begin to emerge and shine through to the audience.


After the course, many people find that by practising the skills they have been taught, they relate to people differently. They find that their social skills and job opportunities open up as other people become more attracted to their more outgoing and confident personality.



In only one day, you can unlock a natural potential confidence hidden inside of you that can lead to a better job, better social skills and a better quality of life. In two days, you have more time to practice these new natural skills so that your change is even greater.


After the course, you can maintain or ‘top up’ your skills by attending a ‘one day refresher’ course.  Alternatively you can even attend the course again to become even more adept and I will give you a 20% discount on the price of your place.