Who I am


Hi, my name is Colin Mew and live in Hythe, just outside of Southampton, Hampshire.


Throughout my life and into my 40’s I was a very shy person. I had very little confidence in myself and preferred to avoid conversations because I thought I was not good enough or interesting enough. It affected every aspect of my life – relationships, career and lifestyle. My fear of speaking in front of people was so intense that it was holding me back from just being myself and connecting to people.


One day, I volunteered to learn how to become a specialised training instructor, teaching 2 or 3 people ‘on the job’ training where I worked at Ordnance Survey. My confidence slowly grew as I learnt how to talk to people. But having to do talks still simply terrified me because how to handle the fear was not mentioned. I saw others who could do it and I envied people that could talk to anyone. Why couldn’t I be like that?


So I decided to attend a workshop on dealing with the fear and learnt how to dissolve my fear of being the centre of attention. In fact, I went onto various workshop to get things right.


I found that, not only did it help me to speak freely and to really connect to my audience, it actually changed so much more in me than just the speaking. I believed in myseIf and realised I was good enough. I do not need to become an extrovert and entertain people. I am now completely free of any fear to speak with ease from my heart. I am still a quiet person but now also quietly confident in being able to talk in front of an audience at any time.


I wish I had known about how to dissolve the fear years ago as all aspects of my life would have turned out very differently. I have attended many different workshops on all types of things that interest me. Learning how to stand in front of people and speak without fear, was easily the most life changing for me.


My life passion is helping people to find their place in the world and to bring out their best.