Is it possible to let go of feeling nervous when you are speaking in front of people?
Would you like to learn how to speak with ease and radiate inner confidence when you are the centre of attention in any situation?
My name is Colin Mew and I run 'changing the fear of public speaking' courses in Eastleigh (near Southampton), Hampshire. The course is specifically designed to help you dissolve any fear or nervousness you have about being in front of people and when all eyes are watching you. This fear is actually more common than people would like to admit to. There is no shame in feeling afraid. It gets in the way and holds you back from getting your message across. But very few people will do anything about it. It takes great courage to decide to do something to change feeling afraid. If you are new to presenting or are experienced but you still fear the nervousness kicks in, my course will help dissolve it forever. If you have a more introverted personality, my course will dissolve it forever without changing you to become extrovert. When you start to relax and feel at ease at being the centre of attention, you can then become more authentic and just be your true self. You can then fully take your place in the world as who you are.
How good are your Courses? Can I really get rid of my fear? The answer is 'yes'. To give you an honest answer is to get feedback from previous participants, so please read some feedback in the Reviews. I offer a money back guarantee AND a free place on a one day course if you feel that you do not feel any different towards being in front of an audience. I also offer refresher courses so that you can continue to improve and practice the skills in a safe and supportive environment. For more information please call me on 02380 845 485 or 0788 7901 350. Alternatively please complete the contact form on the Contact and Booking page and I will get back to you.